How to Help

Financial Support

The Sunshine House runs off of the generosity of our faithful supporters around the globe. Thank you for thinking of us! Your donations are tax deductible.

We have two ways you can help! The first method is with a recurring monthly subscription to support our ongoing services in Bolivia.

Recurring Options

The second is with a one-time donation. Follow the Donate button to select an amount you’d like to contribute on a one-time basis.

Child Sponsorship

Our child sponsorship program allows you to give to The Sunshine House alongside a specific child or sibling set. By donating $40 monthly, you are able to watch these children grow up from a distance. Many of our child sponsors enjoy sending notes of encouragement to their children, and we love updating sponsors on how kids are growing. We love bridging relationships between The Sunshine House and our kids’ long-distance cheerleaders!
Sign up today by giving us your contact information below, and our child sponsorship coordinator will soon email you with more details about our kids. After giving us your contact information, use the Subscribe button at the top of this page to set up your donations. (Note that child sponsorship options include sponsoring a child for $40 or a sibling set for $75 each month.) A really big thank you! We really think that supporting our children can brighten your days as much as ours.


We welcome our amigos to come and visit The Sunshine House! Contact us if you would like to arrange a visit to the home, and we would be more than happy to help coordinate your visit to Bolivia.

Prayer Requests

Thank you for remembering our children and staff in prayer.
Current prayer requests include:

  • That our children would grow up learning how to love others and knowing that they are loved
  • Abundant patience and energy for our extraordinary caregivers
  • Stability and peace for our kids during a season of transition
  • Wisdom for our new administration
  • God’s provision of the resources we need for our 2016-2017 budget

Share the Sunshine!

We want to have our kids supported and loved by as many generous people across the globe as we possibly can. Thanks for telling your friends and family about us!